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v1.0.1 Released

We've just released our first bugfix release, v1.0.1. This release is primarily of interest to OSX users - the data file handling for OSX releases has changed since previous versions, so OSX users were mostly unable to actually use Eschalon graphics previously (making the map editor unusable, for instance). A summary of the changelog:

  • Fixes for OSX to load graphics files properly
  • OSX Build includes a nicer application name and icon
  • "Big Graphic" handling has been improved
  • Hidden files are shown by default in the Open dialogs.... read more
Posted by CJ Kucera 2014-04-16

v1.0.0 Released, with Book III Support!

Another two years, another release of the Eschalon utilities! This primary new feature in v1.0.0 is support for Book III. This is largely thanks to the efforts of Elliot Kendall (SpottedShroom on the Basilisk Games forums), who took up the mantle of maintainership quite awhile. An abridged changelog for the release:

  • Book 3 Support
  • Improved Load/Open dialog
  • Various bugfixes
  • Some GUI layout fixes for increased usability (particularly on items)
  • Support for "native" OSX bundling (Forthcoming - we've been having some issues over the past week but didn't want to delay the release further)... read more
Posted by CJ Kucera 2014-04-03

v0.8.0 Released!

Okay, after a fairly ridiculously-long hiatus, the Eschalon Utilities have been updated to v0.8.0. Notable new features, as per the forum post at

  • A "Script Editor" component which should hopefully make dealing with Object and Entity scripts much easier. This includes a bit of autocompletion for if you can't remember the exact command you're looking for, and an easy way to plug in map coordinates by simply clicking on the map itself. All this is available when you press the green arrow button thing next to any script text entry.
  • Clarified and rearranged some "Revert" and "Reload" behavior to hopefully be more clear.
  • Trap, Lock Level, and Loot Level options for premade objects in the map editor
  • A few other miscellaneous bugfixes... read more
Posted by CJ Kucera 2012-02-06

Eschalon Utilities arrives at Sourceforge!

It's been over a year since the last Eschalon Utilities release, but I've apparently developed sufficient impetus to clean up the code I had in CVS, clean up some of the scripting documenation sent my way over the past year, and push out an official 0.8.0 release (I may just end up calling it 1.0.0 instead, actually).

As part one of this, I've opened up this Sourceforge project, primarily just for the file distribution (so that it's not just sitting out on my own host). The existing webpage for the project will still be the central point of distribution, but feel free to follow this Sourceforge page over RSS or whatever.... read more

Posted by CJ Kucera 2011-10-30

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