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OpenVMS-Alpha port

It's now possible to run the Alpha emulator on... An Alpha! Now's the time to make your good old AS400 believe it's really an ES40 ;-)
Download the release, or, better yet, get the latest files from the CVS repository, and run This will create es40.exe and es40_idb.exe (You need to have the UNIX porting lirary installed)

Posted by Camiel Vanderhoeven 2007-02-27

Version 0.07 released

Version 0.07 sources are available for download on sourceforge now
( Version 0.07 brings three
major changes:

1. Linux / Unix support

With the included Makefile, Linux executables can be built using G++
or Intel's ICC. G++ works on both Intel and Alpha platform. You are
encouraged to try this on different Linux/Unix flavours, and let us
know if that works.... read more

Posted by Camiel Vanderhoeven 2007-02-16

Source code documentation

We're now adding more comments to the source code, that are compatible with Doxygen. The documentation can be found at


Posted by Camiel Vanderhoeven 2007-02-09