Snapshot 20080318_1530

I've made a new cvs snapshot available on the download page.
20080318_1530 has the following changes from release 0.18:

- Fixed some IDE CD-ROM issues that were introduced with the
multi-threading patch. (17-mar-2008, Brian Wheeler)
- Restored SDL functionality. (16-mar-2008, Camiel
- Better exception handling, restored Serial port menu
functionality (14-mar-2008, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
- Ability to stop and restart threads, restored save/restore
state functionality. (13-mar-2008, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
- Use separate threads for devices rather than crowding
everything into one thread. Use Poco libraries for platform
independent threading. NOTE: This patch breaks some
functionality that we will need to regain in the future.
(05-mar-2008, Camiel Vanderhoeven)


Posted by Camiel Vanderhoeven 2008-03-18

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