Embedded Systems 3D Game SDK Version 0.4.2 released

Embedded Systems 3D Game SDK

Release Date: 10.05.2008

Current Version: 0.4.2
Current Authors: Norbert Nopper (norbert@nopper.tv)

Features in Version 0.4.2:
- Terrain Rendering
- Switchable ROAM algorithm
- Skydome
- Bug fixes and improvements
- Added sample

Features in Version 0.4.1:
- Lightsource Class
- Terrain Rendering
- Hardware lighting
- Dynamic light maps
- Fixed Point Class
- Bug fixes and improvements
- Updated samples and added sample

Features in Version 0.4:
- Terrain rendering (Brute force)
- Loading/displaying of a height map
- Loading/displaying of a texture map
- Generating/displaying of a texture map out of tiles (Procedural texture generation)
- Loading/displaying of a detail map
- Function to retrieve the height at a specific point on the terrain
- OpenKODE support
- Bug fixes and improvements
- Added sample

Features in Version 0.3.4:
- Added Camera using angles and look at vector
- Rendering improvements
- Bug fixes

Features in Version 0.3.3:
- Ray with Object intersection test
- Similar features as the Object vs Object collision test
- Added TGA RLE compressed images support
- Added Vector Math methods
- Minor changes
- Minor bug fixes
- Added sample

Features in Version 0.3.2:
- Added search path for file loading
- Changes after testing on a Nokia N93 target
- Minor improvements

Features in Version 0.3.1:
- Refactored FixedPointMath class
- Changed types for ARM Symbian

Features in Version 0.3:
- Added fixed point functions and methods:
- Supported OpenGL|ES: 1.x Common Profile and 1.x Common Lite Profile
- Added entry level sample
- Minor bug fixes

Features in Version 0.2.1:
- Replaced GLUT ES by platform dependent code (GLUT ES is not needed anymore)
- Added Win32, WinCE and Symbian specific platform code
- Bug fixes after testing on several platforms

Features in Version 0.2:
- Real-time animated model vs. model collision detection
- Bounding sphere hierarchy tree (by joint and configurable depth)
- Narrowing of search space in tree (joint list and depth range)
- Exact collision detection (triangle vs. triangle) - can be turned on/off
- Returning of collided joints

Features in Version 0.1.2 (not released):
- Added different timing for Symbian targets
- Code quality improvement

Features in Version 0.1.1:
- Quaternions are used for rotations and interpolation
- Can be switched on/off during runtime

Features in Version 0.1:
- 3D model loader and management
- Supported Formats: MS3D (Milkshape 3D)
- Caching of 3D models. One 3D model is used for several instances
- Texture loader and management
- Supported Formats: BMP (Uncompressed 8 and 24 bit)
TGA (Uncompressed 8, 24 and 32 bit)
- Caching of textures
- Simple animation controller
- Skeletal animation
- Defining animation sequences
- Pause function
- Animation setting per frame or elapsed time
- Switching between animations
- Machine independent game loop framework
- Supported processors: Little endian
- Use of only ANSI C libraries and the OpenGL|ES library
- Supported OpenGL|ES: 1.x Common Profile

Posted by Norbert Nopper 2008-05-10

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