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  • vishal vasava
    vishal vasava

    Hi Norbert,

    I have compiled ES 3D 0.4.2 and tried to run the samples with Symbian emulator version S60_3rd_FP2 . Here is the test report... :-)

    Sample00 -->works fine
    Sample01 -->works fine
    Sample02 -->CreateBoundingSphere() panics ... if you try to comment if modelManagerf::getModelf() for dwarf2 panics . if you load dwarf2 first then getModelf() for dwarf2 panics
    Sample03 -->CreateBoundingSphere() panics.... if you comment it it want panic...
    Sample04 -->Works just fine as it doesn't have CreateBoundingSphere() call
    Sample05 --> only moving light i can see ... and not the terrain
    Sample06 --> Only black screen i can see
    Sample07 --> Terrain is seen but black and white
    Sample08 --> Terrain is seen but black and white , clouds are also not seen instead white wash....

    FYI, I compiled the SDK and aCosF() calls in SkyDome had to be replaced by aCos()calls...
    Also ROAM classes were not compiling as few #include missing,


    • Norbert Nopper
      Norbert Nopper

      Hello Vishal,

      I have checked in the latest version of the SDK in CVS. If you need any updates, please check out this place.

      The collision system can be precise and exact. Unfortunately, this feature can not be used on a Symbian device
      as there is not enough memory. Please remove the depth for how deep the collision tree is build. Also disable
      exact collision detection.

      Regarding the missing textures. You need to shrink the textures to work properly on Symbian. The checked in
      won't work :-(

      Happy coding, Norbert

    • hello, I don't know your name , but I'll thank you for  you give me such a gool sdk . I want to know when will the es3d supported opengl|es 2.0.
      Thank you .

      • Norbert Nopper
        Norbert Nopper

        Currently I do not have much time to work on the ES 3D Game SDK - so I can not promise if there will be support for OpenGL ES 2.0 soon. Also, as OpenGL ES 2.0 is not backward compatible with OpenGL ES 1.x, I would have to rewrite major parts of the code ...

        Regards Norbert