Dear ALL,


I am new to PCA analyses and I have some question regarding this area. If anyone could please help me I will be more than grateful!


I intend to do a spatial-temporal PCA. The data is recorded by Brain vision Record and analyzed by Brain Vision Analyzer 2.0. Then the average ERPs for each participate and each condition is export respectivelyto Matlab filesí»s .mat, followed by saved as EEGLabí»s .set by EEGLab.


After then, I intend to get the input to the PCA consisted of 1500 observations (3 conditions *500 data points per epoch) for each participant and electrode. To achieve this, I read all average data for each participant and each condition at first, and then I choose spatial mode and infomax rotation and place the #factors 0 to do the scree test. However, the EP TOOLKIT and MATLAB cannot response after then.


What's wrong with my operation? How can I place the input to the PCA consisted of all observations for each participant, each condition, each electrode and each timepoint rightly?  


Many thanks,

Li Ya