New release of EP Toolkit.  Mostly bug fixes and refinements.  Note especially fix to calculation of difference and combination waves.  Enhancement to Topos view of non-PCA files is helpful for looking for effects.



1) In Topos function, fixed peak samples of ERP data being identified by amplitude rather than absolute amplitude.
2) In Topos function, added display of topos at every 50 ms for ERP and TFT data and every Hz for FFT data for non-factor data.
3) Fixed Topos not allowing two datasets to be shown in parallel when they have different regional channels.
4) Fixed Topos crashing when trying to display factor and non-factor data side by side.
5) In Edit function, fixed combining of subjects and chans not correct when weights not the same (as in difference wave).
6) In Edit function, fixed weighting of difference waves for cells and chans and subjects incorrect (waves too small).
7) In Window function, fixed windowed files being labeled as being in dB even when voltage data.
8) In Channels subfunction of the Window Data function, fixed crash when applying factor loadings and there is more than one PCA dataset in the working set.
9) Wave plots can now accommodate datasets with different sets of channels.
10) In Scan function of View pane, fixed crash when using secondary datasets with differing fields, such as PCA and not.
11) In Scan function of View pane, fixed crash when right shifting the cell and a secondary dataset is already at the maximum cell.
12) Improved the controls for the Windowing pane.
13) Improved handling of channel groups in the Channels function of the Windowing pane.
14) In Topos function, added peak point/Hz line to expanded waveform windows.
15) Markers in waveform plots can be set at zero ms.
16) For saved files in ERPlab format, fixed fields ERP.ntrials.rejected and ERP.ntrials.invalid to be vectors of zeros rather than empty set (due Joseph Orr).
17) Accommodated change in Matlab 2013as userpath function that, at least on a Mac, can cause it to lose track of the existing EPwork directory.


Joseph Dien,
Senior Research Scientist
University of Maryland 

Phone: 301-226-8848
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