New release of EP Toolkit due to serious bug affecting two-step PCA since 2.30.  It shouldn't affect ANOVA results but will affect topographic maps or waveforms depending on whether the second step was spatial or temporal respectively, amplitudes of effects (but not statistical significance), and source analyses.

My apologies.  Thanks to Hiroshi Nittono for reporting the problem.


1) Fixed bug introduced in 2.30 wherein variable standard deviations for two-step PCAs are applied incorrectly, resulting in inaccurate PCA reconstructions.  ANOVA results should be fine but topographic maps and source analyses for PCAs where spatial was the second step will be affected, as will waveform plots when the second step was temporal.  Thanks to Hiroshi Nittono for reporting this problem. 

2) Fixed windowing pane crashing when Herz bins changed.


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