After a very long delay, EP Toolkit version 2.30 has been released:

While there were numerous bug fixes, the main change has been the addition of support for spectral analyses.  This required some rather extensive changes in the internal plumbing of the Toolkit (hence the delay) so it is likely that there are still bugs that I missed.  Please let me know of any problems that you may run into and I'll get them fixed.  I'm rather new to spectral analyses so I am still getting familiar with them myself so I make no claims of being an expert in this domain.  Suggestions are welcome.  Also note that the instructions on installing EEGlab and FieldTrip have been updated.  Be sure to update your copy of FieldTrip (to fieldtrip-20120608 or later) if you are using Simple Binary or MFF file formats or dipole source analysis.  Note also that the support for EGI MFF file format is still being tested in conjunction with EGI and it is known that it crashes when trying to read epoched files.  Another notable change is that the windowing function now by default averages together the channels in an area prior to calculating the dependent measure rather than to calculate the dependent measure for each channel and then to average them together, by user request, although there is an option under preferences to revert back to the original approach.  If you're interested in learning more about how to use the EP Toolkit, I'm offering a workshop at the next Society for Psychophysiological Research conference:

Changes include:

1) Fixed output file from the Window function having the suffix ".txt.txt".  2) Number of bad channels per trial in artifact correction log calculated incorrectly.  Artifact correction function itself not affected.  3) Fixed crash when seeking to form manual blink templates and the only available files have missing channel coordinates.  4) Fixed not saving reset preference values when preference file found to be out-of-date.  5) Fixed crash when userpath is blank and Matlab is version 2007 or presumably earlier.  6) Fixed crash when using saccade correction on file divided into multiple segments.  7) Added support for specification of current reference as opposed to original reference in preprocessing pane and in EP file format.  8) Eliminated REF channel type and added reference field to keep track of original and current reference scheme in order to improve handling of references in artifact correction function. 9) Fixed crash when bad channels detection in artifact correction routine generated error message.  10) Fixed crash when different numbers of factors correlate with left and right saccade templates.  11) Eliminated crash when loading EP format file with both electrode coordinates and a regional channel.  12) Fixed not saving preference changes and now looks for the preferences file in the current working directory.  13) Robust ANOVA function properly handles new warning code for ill-conditioned matrices added in recent versions of Matlab.  14) Changed separation character for added grand average when computing robust ANOVAs from "|" to "_" as the former was causing crash on PCs when saving files to text format. 15) Fixed crash when loading or saving channel group files where there is a space in the name or the path.  16) Fixed not assigning cell names to .set files generated by ERPlab.  17) Fixed Window pane not allowing channel groups to be chosen using PCA results when the data file has a regional channel.  18) When loading older EP files, if data had implicit reference and was EGI data, then converted to explicit reference.  19) Changing the sampling rate in the edit pane now also changes the time point names. 20) Noise and std fields no longer optional.  Now set to empty if not used.  21) Updated copy of topoplot to avoid crash in current version of Matlab. 22) Changed default behavior of channel groups in windowing function so that channels are collapsed together prior to measure being taken, although preference option added to allow for original behavior of taking measure first. 23) Fixed PCA not restoring flat variables back to data after PCA, as in reference channels, resulting in crashes. 24) Added support for handling missing data when adding channels, cells, or subjects or when windowing data. 25) Eliminated "no ref" option for preprocessing as no longer needed and confusing. 26) Fixed crash when saving continuous simple binary files with bad segments and changed so that bad data segments are marked with 1000 microvolts rather than just deleted. 27) Fixed crash when appending files to data each with just one entry (e.g., appending cells, resulting in two cells) and then trying to append additional files. 28) Fixed crash in blink template window when there is an average file in the working set with multiple subjects. 29) Fixed crash in topos view when conducting dipole analysis on data with regional channels. 30) Fixed crash in Topos after clicking on Done when the final colors are not PCA data. 31) Fixed regional channel waveform added to dataset when windowing not computed correctly when there are more than one channel group and the last one to be edited by the channel group function is not the one being used. 32) Added prestimulus period field to the Transform function. 33) Fixed changing prestimulus period in Edit function modified timepoint names relative to prior values rather than absolutely. 34) Fixed crash when loading in EP format file with no implicit channels. 35) Fixed crash when performing artifact correction on chunked continuous files. 36) Added support for reading EGI MFF file format. 37) Numerous minor fixes.


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