Thanks!  It is possible.  You should present the factor loadings in microvolt scaling though.  Anyway, to get the factor loadings, go to the Edit function.  Click on PCA.  Click on FacPat.  Click on Export.  You'll get a text file with what you need.  If you want to scale to microvolts, multiply each factor loading by the standard deviation of the variable.  You can get the microvolt scaled waveforms by typing load('PCA.ept','-mat') in the command window and getting the numbers from EPdata.facVecT (for temporal).  facVecS for spatial.  I'll see about adding an option to the Edit function so you don't need to mess with the command window.



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Hello Mr. Dien,

I am currently using your ERP PCA Toolkit (which is great), and i need to obtain a picture of the loadings of the extracted factors (similar to the attached document). Has the toolkit any option to obtain such data?.

Thanks for your time.

Yours sincerely.

Alberto González.
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