Some stragglers that missed the 2.42 release.  Im about to make some substantial feature additions and wanted to get these in before I start making more changes to the internal architecture of the Toolkit.



1) Adds mne toolbox to the path to avoid crashes when reading or writing FIFF format files. 

2) Fixed crash when loading file type that has internal channel names (like Neuroscan) and the only mismatch between it and the ced file is a single implicit REF channel or there is no mismatch and there is a single explicit REF channel.

3) Added .cov field to hold the channel covariance matrix generated during averaging for later inspection regarding channel quality.

4) Fixed when loading in a new file that had the same name as multiple existing files, appending dashed number to prior dashed number instead of replacing it (e.g., "name-1-2).

5) Fixed crash when running an ANOVA on a PCA dataset results in trimmed cell means being added to it.

6) Fixed crash when selecting time points and there are empty event cells.

7) When the dataset name has been changed on the Overview page, Edit will ask if the unedited dataset should be kept in addition to the edited version when Done is pressed.

8) Further improvements to writing out FIFF format files.


Joseph Dien,
Senior Research Scientist
University of Maryland

Phone: 301-226-8848
Fax: 301-226-8811

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