New release of EP Toolkit.  Mostly improvements to reading data files, especially simple binary files (including important bug fixes to handling of average files).  Also enhancements to windowing with peak measures and to manual editing of bad channels in the Scan function.



1) Scaling of topos now obeys the values on the View pane.  Also, fixed manual changes to plotting range no longer working.
2) Fixed Simple Binary average files being scrambled when read!  EP Toolkit now accommodates loose Simple Binary file format specification rather than make assumptions about its internal structure (there is no formal documentation on it).
3) Better handles ced files where there are channel types other than EEG, FID, and REF.
4) Fixed choosing "auto" as Edit Mode setting in Preprocessing pane resulting in error message.
5) Added option to average together samples around a peak to minpeak and maxpeak measures.
6) Implemented Luck (2005) suggestion to only count as a dip/peak a sample where both neighboring samples are higher/lower.
7) When there is missing data (more likely now with new peak measure code), the NaNs are converted to missing data code specified in preferences setting.  8) Fixed Read function where if baseline was zero ms then instead it was being reported as being 4 ms.
9) Fixed detrend button in Preprocess Data pane not working.
10) Fixed warning when trying to read in Neuroscan files with two physically linked explicit reference sites.
11) Added option to the Trials subpane of the Edit function to load a text file to rename the cell names of all the trials.
12) Added support for reading EGI's epoch-marked simple binary format for session files.
13) Added table to Scan function which lists %age of bad channels and allows channels to be marked globally good or bad.
14) Fixed Scan crashing if the scaling is from zero to zero, as with a bad trial.
15) Fixed automatic global bad channel detection being performed even when editMode set to Manual.


Joseph Dien,
Senior Research Scientist
University of Maryland 

Phone: 301-226-8848
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