New release of EP Toolkit.  Mostly a maintenance release.  It fixes a number of bugs, especially in the Channel Group function for performing windowing.  Note especially the fix for the feature of using PCA results to choose channels for windowing.  It also expands support for EEGlab, ERPlab, BDF, and MFF file formats.  The MFF file format is still a work in progress and I am working with EGI and FieldTrip folks to get full support working in Matlab.  There was also a lot of work on plumbing behind the scenes to get ready for upcoming features.  Please be sure to let me know if any of these revisions has broken a function or if you have any feature requests.



1) Fixed dipole analysis in Topos function crashing due to changes in FieldTrip.
2) Fixed crash in Read pane when segmented simple binary session file is incorrectly specified to be an average file by the user.
3) Fixed combining channels into Regional Channel in Edit function or from windowing results in flat waveform.
4) Fixed View crashing if none of the data have electrode coordinates available.
5) Fixed Change Work Directory menu function not working.
6) Initializes mff file support at startup so that it doesnít crash the toolkit down the line as workaround for Matlab bug.
7) Modified so panes fit on screens with less than 700 vertical pixels.
8) Fixed overview subpane of Edit function graying out number of factors.
9) Fixed not making factor data available for setting channel groups in windowing function when first in analysis set had different number of channels.
10) Fixed not asking for channel group name in windowing function when creating a new one via factor loadings and is currently the initial blank one.
11) Fixed not updating the display of the area names when using factor loadings to define the channel groups in the windowing function.
12) Fixed when using factor loadings to define channel groups in the windowing function, area names not reflecting factors defining them.
13) Fixed when using factor loadings to define channel groups, wrong channels could be chosen.
14) Worked around crash when reading mff files under Matlab 2013b by using alternative mff file format function.
15) When reading file, fixed incorrect inference of reference scheme when a single ref channel is designated.
16) When reading a file, fixed channel type not changed from REF to EEG for flexible channel order file formats.
17) Fixed REF channels assumed to be last for fixed order channel file formats.
18) For reading files, better support for MEG and ANS chan types, and BAD CED code.
19) Added support for mff files with recording stops and with segments.
20) Added support for boundary events (for continuous data where recording was stopped and then restarted).
21) Workaround for EEGlab issue where if a CED file has just the label and the type filled out, the type info migrates over to the theta column for some reason.
22) Changed event sample to count from start of epoch rather than FieldTrip convention of start of recording.
23) Improved detection of Simple Binary files with scrambled cells.
24) Fixed preprocessing function not finding files past the first when batched and they are not in the active directory.
25) Fixed PCA of continuous data generating error message.
26) Full support for ECG channel type.
27) Fixed Read function rejecting files if sampling rate and time names different past three decimals due to rounding errors.
28) Fixed crash when reading EEGlab file if cell names are a mix of numbers and strings.
29) Fixed crash when reading file if type field from CED file contains numbers for some reason.
30) Added recTime field to keep track of  recording time of an epoch with respect to the start of the recording session.
31) No longer rearranging single trial data to group by cell.
32) Eliminated offset field from events structure.
33) Fixed topoplot not showing the correct peak channel for non-factor data.
34) Better updating of history field.
35) Added display of trial specs to Scan function.
36) Fixed one-second epochs displayed with View function one sample longer than intended for continuous data.
37) Made a number of fixes to exporting of single-trial data in EEGlab format as it wasnít working.
38) When reading EEGlab single-trial data, rejected channel and trial information is included.
39) When reading and writing ERPlab files, nTrials information is supported.
40) When reading ERPlab files, channel location information is supported.
41) Ensure that power field comes after analysis field to avoid crash in functions like scan when looking at multiple EP data files.
Iíve also committed changes to the FieldTrip I/O to fix problems with trying to load simple binary files (unsegmented files being treated as segmented, crash when simple binary file has no event track, and crash when there are event tracks but no events marked) and mff files (Matlab bug causes global variables to be erased crashing the toolkit and not computing event times correctly and not registering multiple segments correctly and not including events only within period of the epoch and not separating the trials of segmented data and adding better support for segmented files) so the FieldTrip copy should be updated to 10/15/13 or later.  Currently, mff average files cannot yet be read.
Iíve also reported a bug in EEGlab (still present as of 12_0_2b5) that has been affecting CED files.  CED files created with pop_editChans, as described in the tutorial, are defective (the columns are scrambled).  If you use this function to create a CED file, check the resulting file using a program like Excel to make sure that the columns are in the right place with respect to the headers.  If they do not match up, then move the columns so that they do.  The order of the column headers is correct so do not move the column headers, just everything below the headers.


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Senior Research Scientist
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