New release of EP Toolkit.  Mostly bug fixes for better supporting Neuroscan files and for a number of crashing bugs in the Windowing function.  Note especially fix for windowing temporal PCA data as it would result in the measures being for the wrong channel!  I'm not sure how that one got past me so apologies for any trouble it may have caused.  Spatial and temporo-spatial (and spatio-temporal) PCAs are unaffected.



1) Fixed Single File Mode in Preprocessing pane crashing when values entered. 
2) Fixed Single File Mode in Preprocessing pane crashing. 
3) Fixed crashing when merging fixed channel files (like Neuroscan) where there are channels in the data that are not in the CED file. 
4) Fixed single file mode single-trial data files not being merged successfully. 
5) Added option to eliminate unwanted channels, as in a GFP channel, when reading in the data by marking the channel type as BAD in the CED file. 
6) When merging files, as in Single File Mode, channels not present in the initial file simply dropped from succeeding files rather than aborting the run. 
7) Single-Trial Files from multiple subjects can now be selected using the Read pane's Single File Mode and read in as separate files.  
8) Fixed crash when loading in a channel group file for the Window function and there currently isn't any channel group defined. 
9) Fixed crash when going into channel group subpane, cancel out without defining a channel group, and then return to the subpane. 
10) Fixed crash when windowing using the minpeak or maxpeak measures with the adjoining samples option and the peak latency was at the upper end of the window. 
11) Fixed crash when windowing and there are multiple channels in the area of a channel group. 
12) Fixed crash during windowing when factors were used to define the areas of a channel group. 
13) During windowing, fixed minpeak and maxpeak measures yielding missing data numbers when the window size was less than three samples, as in the autoPCA mode. 
14) Fixed Export button on Editís Factors subpane not working. 
15) When reading in text data files, multiple delimiters between values (as in space-space) now treated as a single delimiter.  
16) Fixed output of windowing being for channel 1 rather than the intended channel for non-spatial PCAs (spatial and temporo-spatial PCAs not affected).


Joseph Dien,
Senior Research Scientist
University of Maryland 

Phone: 301-226-8848
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