Bugfix release.  Nothing major unless you ran into one of them.

1) Fixed error when setting file format preferences to ERPlab files.
2) Fixed failure to save preferences when save preferences button clicked.
3) Changed ms window information provided in header of windowing text files so it ranges from onset of sample to offset of sample rather than onset to onset (e.g., 0-4 ms rather than 0-0 ms for first sample).
4) Fixed ms window information on Window pane so that it ranges from onset of sample to offset of sample rather than offset to offset (e.g., 4-4 ms rather than 0-0 ms for first sample) after changes to the windowing settings.
5) Fixed running baseline correction even on frequency domain data even though baseline fields are grayed out.
6) Fixed time names not being calculated correctly when sampling rate changed using Edit function.
7) Fixed crash in View waves or when setting channel groups in Window function when all channels are along midline or center line.
8) Fixed crashes after Edit function used to trim the range of frequencies due to not applying trimming to std or FacVecF fields.
9) Allow View Scan function to operate on average files.
10) Now checking installation configuration only when EP first started.
11) Fixed peak channels not being identified correctly in Topos view.
12) In Edit function, fixed %age of blink, saccade, move, and bad trials in QC subpane being computed incorrectly for average data.
13) Fixed power field not being included in merged files, such as from Single File Mode, causing crashes elsewhere. 
14) Fixed crash when loading in .study average file where the .set files have no prestimulus period.
15) In Topos view, fixed crash when displaying data with a regional channel.
16) Fixed crash when data file has no event information.
17) Fixed crash in Topos view when displaying frequency data in dB scaling and the maximum value is negative.    


Joseph Dien,
Senior Research Scientist
University of Maryland 

Phone: 301-226-8848
Fax: 301-226-8811