I am working with your toolkit to analyze Neuroscan 32 bit data.  I am able to import the data and perform Temporal PCA, however, an issue arises when I try to run the Spatial ICA.  I get the following error:

??? Error using ==> floatread at 148
floatread() fopen() error.

Error in ==> binica at 325
    wts = floatread(weightsfile,[ncomps Inf],[],0);

Error in ==> ep_doPCA at 537
            [weights,sphere] = binica(data', 'pca', NUM_FAC, 'verbose', 'on','block',

Error in ==> ep_doPCAst at 332
    [stFactorResults] = ep_doPCA('asis', ROTATION, ROTOPT, MAT_TYPE, NUM_FAC, theData, LOADING);

Error in ==> ep>pickPCAdata at 4399
            [FactorResults] = ep_doPCAst(theData.pca, PCArotation, EPmain.pca.rotopt, PCArel,
            EPmain.pca.facNum, PCAloading);
??? Error while evaluating uitable CellSelectionCallback

I have removed the eeglab folder from the fieldtrip external folder as suggested in the tutorial documentation.  Is there any other suggestions?

Pias Malaker