I just posted version 2.18.  This is a pure bug fix release.  No new features.

1) Fixed when no within factors for ANOVAs, pane indicated needed one within cell rather than zero wthin cells. 
2) Fixed freeze after requestor for information (like name of spec being added to a file using the Edit function or the name of a new merged file when using the Single File Mode of the Read function) due to Matlab bug on Windows computers. 
3) Now requires use of 20100720 version of FieldTrip so that it makes use of fixed EGI simple binary code.  This fix prevents the Toolkit from getting confused by the inclusion of DIN events, resulting in inability to assign trials to the appropriate cells.  These newer versions of FieldTrip also no longer have the R13 and R14 files in the compat folder that were destabilizing Matlab. 
4) Fixed view pane listing all the trial names of the dataset rather than just those for a specific cell, resulting in crashes when they were selected. 
5) Fixed crash in PCAwhen there are variables which are flat (zero standard deviation). 
6) Fixed crash in View Topos when doing dipole or 3D function and ced is either empty or "none". 
7) For View Topos, fixed 3D, dipole, and jackknife results incorrect for topos not on the first page (when there are multiple pages of topos).  
8) Fixed crash when viewing Waves and data are all zero.  
9) Fixed grand averages, which are added when computing ANOVAs with between factors, as they were being computed incorrectly when the between factor column was not sorted alphabetically (only affected waveforms, not the ANOVA results). 
10) Fixed min and max of factors sometimes not being calculated correctly, resulting in View Waves plots sometimes not having the voltage range set correctly.




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