import average .set data

  • Isabel A. David

    Isabel A. David - 2012-09-14

    I imported a combined .set file of subject averages (processed in EEGlab) into the ERP PCA  toolkit. The data is organized as follows:   a single file contains an experiment's entire set of subject averages in the form of separate waveforms. In the Read window, I have selected the average option when I imported the data. The problem is that the data per subject appears in "cells" and not in "subjects" in the edit window. I am wondering if the program is not recognizing it is a average data.If anyone could please help me I will be more than grateful!

  • Joe Dien

    Joe Dien - 2012-09-15

    Sorry about the problem!  Please send me the following information:  1) the output from typing ver in the command window.  2) a copy of the data file via or equivalent.  Joe


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