Commit Date  
[r1115] by klacke

use code:priv_dir to locate the linkin drv

2007-04-18 19:46:14 Tree
[r1114] by mikaelka

fixed yapp dependencies to vdir handling, added local stylesheet and updated yapp_intro documentation

2007-04-09 16:08:55 Tree
[r1113] by klacke

new rel script

2007-03-21 21:05:38 Tree
[r1112] by klacke

weird icons in cvs2svn

2007-03-21 12:34:23 Tree
[r1111] by klacke

weird icons in cvs2svn

2007-03-21 12:33:03 Tree
[r1110] by klacke

weird icons in cvs2svn

2007-03-21 12:32:27 Tree
[r1109] by klacke

weird icons in cvs2svn

2007-03-21 12:30:15 Tree
[r1108] by klacke

weird icons in cvs2sbn

2007-03-21 12:28:49 Tree
[r1107] by klacke

svn migr

2007-03-20 23:27:03 Tree
[r1106] by klacke

svn migr

2007-03-20 23:26:40 Tree
[r1105] by klacke

config file bugfix

2007-03-19 21:11:20 Tree
[r1104] by klacke

creating a branch of 1.68

2007-03-19 21:03:17 Tree
[r1103] by klacke

remove weridly named tag

2007-03-19 20:58:28 Tree
[r1102] by klacke

remove weird vendor branch

2007-03-19 20:57:37 Tree
[r1101] by klacke
2007-03-19 20:52:18 Tree
[r1100] by klacke
2007-03-19 20:50:36 Tree
[r1099] by klacke
2007-03-19 20:49:18 Tree
[r1098] by etnt

Removed all those Carriage-Return characters which makes it a bitch to try and track Yaws when you have got Yaws in your own repos...

2007-03-16 09:53:43 Tree
[r1097] by juliannoble

yaws_showarg.erl added to Makefile, header display change

2007-03-15 05:07:00 Tree
[r1096] by juliannoble

ssi fixes to interoperate with vdirs, root appmod fix, add yaws_showarg appmod

2007-03-14 14:52:58 Tree
[r1095] by juliannoble

Fix inconsistent passing of both ARG & [ARG] to 'handle_crash' by modifying handle_out_reply to remove wrapping of 'Arg' in a list (hangover from 'yaws_call' M,F,A call semantics that no longer applies

2007-02-27 07:56:20 Tree
[r1094] by juliannoble

Added basic benchmarking template/example

2007-02-23 18:14:24 Tree
[r1093] by juliannoble

Virtual Directory support. ARG record and CGI variable changes

2007-02-23 17:57:30 Tree
[r1092] by jbevemyr

Fixed problem with using relative paths in cgi-bin.

2007-02-20 22:02:33 Tree
[r1091] by juliannoble

added yaws_cgi variables LOCAL_ADDR & SERVER_ADDR (for compat with iis & apache cgi apps)

2007-02-19 07:41:36 Tree
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