It's weird and I really don't get it :))

I took yaws' default config for linux host, changed it to localhost, changed the path and it started working :))

Thank you all!

On 8/29/06, ke han <> wrote:
Not sure  but all my .yaws files have at the top a definition for the module, such as:

<erl module="myfilename_yaws">  %% I give all my yaws modules an explicit name so Yaws doesn't give it a less meaningful name.  The _yaws part is simple my convention.
out(A) ->
ok.  %% do  nothing. 

see if this gets the parser to realize it needs to get into gear ;-).

ke han

On Aug 29, 2006, at 3:53 PM, Dmitrii Dimandt wrote:

Well, I've installed Erlang and Yaws under SuSe 10 under latest VmWare Server under WinXP Pro SP2 :))

Both Erlang and Yaws work seemingly ok. However, as I follow steps in the documentation, Yaws doesn't parse .yaws files :(

Here is my setup:

    logdir = /usr/local/yaws/test/logs
    ebin_dir = /usr/local/yaws/test/ebin

    <server localhost>
        port = 81
        listen =
        docroot = /usr/loacl/yaws/test
        dir_listings = true
        dav = true

When I run /usr/local/bin/yaws -i, it starts ok. The yaws' local site starts ok, I see the welcome page and the config page ok. However, as i navigate to, I see the following page as an HTML page:


        <h1> Yesssssss </h1>

            out(Arg) -> {html, "<h2> Hello again </h2>"}.


is returned as


    out(Arg) -> {html, "
    Hello again

Whatever can be wrong?
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