Great, thanx. I might check out cvs later, but this fix was all I needed. Worked just as I wanted it to :)

On 6/22/06, Claes Wikström < > wrote:
Boban Alempijevic wrote:
> Apache.. NOT the native american one that is :) can nicely run index.php.
> Yaws. Very nicely fast and all thoose parts :) index.php however is not
> loaded untill I specify its path in the url. This is kind of....NOT
> wanted :)
> Anyone has any nice ideas about how to fix this small problem?

Yaws doesn't autoload index.php, only index.yaws and index.html
I added index.php (in CVS)

The only solution today is to have index.yaws and let it contain:

out(A) -> {redirect_local, " index.php"}.

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