Hi there!
I have been trying to enable the php support now for 5 days with the latest version of yaws and the second latest but havent been having any luck at all. I am writing to only confirm with how the enabling php line looks like to see if I have been thinking right.
allowed_scripts = php
that is how I have tryed to enable the php support in the yaws.conf file but nothing has worked :(
do u have any suggestions or correcion on that command line?
I would truly appriciate it if I could get the php support to work.
First time ever that I have been playing around with any type or erlang application. Yaws seems to be very fast, and only a bit faster but VERY fast when it comes to lists. but I would love to try it out allso....only php part missing now :(
Yours truly
Boban Alempijevic