2006/2/8, Dominique Boucher <dominique.boucher@nuecho.com>:
I'm experiencing a very strange problem. I have a small web site developed in Yaws/Erlang and I cannot get Firefox ( to apply the CSS document properly. I run Yaws 1.57 and Erlang 5.4/OTP R10B on Windows XP.
If I use Apache to serve the same pages (statically), everything is fine. If I use IE or Opera to view the pages served by Yaws, everything is fine. I checked in the logs and Yaws does serve the CSS document. I did not check whether this problem occurs on Linux, though.
Has anyone else experienced this before? Any advice?

CSS works fine for me. 

What does your access log say?
  Is FF asking for any CSS?
    Is it asking and getting a 404?
    Is it served css with an OK 200,
      If so what content type is it receiving? (check with wget -S -O /dev/null http://yourcsslocation)