Hi all,

I have created a target system and tried to embed yaws into the target system. Target system with yaws included in the release file, is created sucessfully but I am not able to run my .yaws files. It is showing the same error all times

Dynamic compile error in file  /usr/local/var/yaws/www/index.yaws line 85
Can any one please explain me what this error is about and how to overcome this one?

For creating a target system including yaws I installed the yaws in the root folder and had to copy the "/usr/local/lib/yaws/"  file to "/usr/local/lib/erlang/lib/"      directory.

Is this the right way to do Or Is there any other way to do it Or do I need to use include applications while creating the main application and install the target system? Please help me out on this issue.

Please reply me as soon as possible as i have been stuck up with my project at this point.

With Regards