Is there any way to run yaws itself as a fastcgi responder?

I know from the documentation that yaws can call other fastcgi apps (responders?).  I'm asking whether yaws itself can be a fastcgi responder, which means it would take fastcgi requests from another server.

Or, since I'm no web server expert, perhaps I should just throw the problem out there that I'm trying to solve.  I want to use something like django or rails as a front-end.  I already have back-end stuff written in erlang and yaws which I'd like to use.  It seems to me (correct me if I'm wrong) that the proper configuration in this case is running a django or rails in the front, and yaws on the back which can call my erlang apps.  I know that django for instance can access other servers using fastcgi.  It then seems like a natural question to ask "can yaws be run as a fastcgi responder itself?"