I've been using Yaws for my website for several years and have never had any problems until just recently. Whenever I try to start it, it fails, and I get this in the logs:

=ERROR REPORT==== 15-Nov-2013::22:21:05 ===
ERROR: "Failed to start: ~s~n" - [{case_clause,

Which looks like it's trying to give me a useful error message, but fails to do so.

My start-up script:

$ cat start_pine_fm
export HOME
export PATH

cd /users/home/chrispine/web/app

erlc -v -o ebin -I /opt/local/lib/yaws/include *.erl
erlc -v -o ebin -I /opt/local/lib/yaws/include controllers/*.erl

erl +S 1:1 -heart -detached -env HEART_BEAT_TIMEOUT 10 -env HEART_COMMAND /users/home/chrispine/start_pine_fm -mnesia dir '"../db"' -pa /opt/local/lib/yaws/ebin -yaws -run yaws -yaws conf '"../yaws.conf"' -

Any guesses as to what's going on, or how I can find out what the problem really is?