Awesome I will try this out before saturday.

I dont like having to monkey with the 'is_local_install' setting... though it has WorkedForMe(tm) with no issues in production.

I'll shout if I run into any problems.


On Dec 21, 2011 4:25 PM, "Steve Vinoski" <> wrote:
Last night I pushed the following changes to the yaws rebar support to github:

1. Thanks to Tuncer Ayaz, "rebar generate" now works, creating a
self-contained release under the rel/ directory of your build area. To
run it, just run

./rel/yaws/bin/yaws start


./rel/yaws/bin/yaws console

to get an interactive yaws. Be aware that this yaws script differs
from the normal yaws script, and so doesn't accept the same arguments
as ./bin/yaws. It all works but I still consider this a
work-in-progress, and I might try to change this script in the future
so that both yaws scripts are essentially the same.

2. The "rebar compile" command now installs yaws only locally to the
build directory; to run it locally just run


with whatever arguments you usually use. It no longer installs yaws,
yaws.conf, etc. into your home directory, but installs them under the
build directory instead. If you want an install to your home
directory, use "make local_install".

These changes should also help the case where you're using rebar for
an application that wants to use yaws as a rebar dependency.

Try it out and let me know of any problems.


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