On Mon, Apr 1, 2013 at 4:29 AM, Martin Dimitrov <mrtndimitrov@gmail.com> wrote:

In our app, we have a gen_server that contains in its state a list of
Pids of all websockets workers. The workers have state. When something
triggers in the app, we want to notify interested in this event workers.
Their state determines where should a message to the client be sent.

So how can we accomplish this? If I call gen_server:cast/2 for each pid,
how can the worker pick the message? On the updated Websockets page in
the documentation, I don't see an option to override handle_cast.

Rather than casting to the websocket gen_server process, you could just send it a message, which would end up in the gen_server's handle_info function. If your websocket callback module exports a handle_info/2 fun, that message will be passed on to your callback module via that function along with the worker state, and then the worker can decide whether or not to send a message to the client.

See the handle_info/2 fun description here: