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Over 10 years ago, I ran ejabberd and fooled with erlang a bit, but now I am getting serious about it for a project I want to do -- Freedom Box.

Anyway, while my servers run Debian Squeeze, my laptop has Ubuntu Precise, and after installing Yaws, yaws-chat, yaws-mail, yaws-wiki and yapps, I decided to try them out.

We'll need to look more closely at your config and other details, but a short answer for now is that while yaws itself gets a good deal of development, maintenance, and enhancement attention (as you can see from the git commit log (https://github.com/klacke/yaws/commits/master)), the applications you're trying to use, to be quite honest, just don't get a lot of attention. But given they're part of the code base, they deserve more care, so let's use your

As a long-time developer I can *completely* understand that. :)

BTW I should have been more clear that the yapp application actually is properly cared for and should work fine.