On Tue, Apr 8, 2014 at 6:37 PM, Patrick Moy <ptmoy2@gmail.com> wrote:
My enhancement request is for creation of two additional functions in
the yaws api.  These are:

new_cookie_session (Opaque, TTL, CleanupPids) -  same as the existing
new_cookie_session except the last parameter being a list to allow more
than one cleanup pids to be specified (will need to keep existing
function for backward compatibility).

replace_cookie_session (Cookie, NewOpaque, NewCleanupPids) - same as
existing replace_cookie_session/2 except for an additional parameter,
which is a list.

Hi Patrick, thanks for the enhancement idea. We've discussed it and we like the general idea, but we prefer to avoid having Yaws handle a list of cleanup pids, as we see the need for multiple cleanups as an application detail. So, we won't change new_cookie_session/3, but we'll add replace_cookie_session/3 with a single pid as the 3rd argument. This change will make it to master sometime over the next few days.