Hello everyone,

my question is quite simple: I want to run PHP on YAWS, on a OSX machine.

I have managed to make it work on a Windows machine but now I am quite stuck with the other one.

I have added the references and modified the yaws.conf as such:

<server localhost>
        port = 8080
        listen =
        docroot = _root_
        allowed_scripts = php yaws cgi
        appmods = <cgi-bin, yaws_appmod_cgi>   
        php_handler = <cgi, _path_to_php-cgi_ >

[I have removed the path]

Once I try to view my page, I only see a blank page. No errors, just blank.
I have tried to get the php-cgi from my MAMP installation first and then I also downloaded PHP5 and used that. Same thing.
Somewhere it was suggested to change cgi.force_redirect to 0 (as I did on Windows) and so I did.

I look forward to hearing from you.