I know this is a basic question, I have started looking at Erlang in general just a few days ago...

I am trying to make an appmod. I know that an appmod is a simple Erlang module that exports out/1. But the problem is that I am trying to build it using rebar. So I have a directory for my project, and a src directory under it. in the root of my project I have rebar.conf. And in src I have my appmod.erl. When I run `rebar compile` it does not compile my appmod.erl. In rebar.config I have `{erl_opts, {src_dirs, ["src"]}}` but apparently this is not enough. I assume that rebar expects an app file or something similar.

So I have a general question: is it possible to generate an appmod skeleton with rebar? I assume that once I do that, rebar will "see" my source files and will compile them.

 Thanks for any help!