I upgrade Yaws from 1.88 to 1.90 today, I've got a rails website with a reverse proxy access via Yaws.

After the upgrade, Yaws hangs when I try to access the rails website and after that no virtual host are available at all, all Yaws is frozen. All worked fine with Yaws 1.88.

From a browser view, when I access to the rails website the page is indefinitely loaded and nothing is displayed.

Here is my configuration for the virtual host "dev.d-lan.net":

<server dev.d-lan.net>
 port = 8081
 listen =
 revproxy = / http://localhost:8083
 partial_post_size = nolimit

The rails website is working fine, I opened the port to access it: http://dev.d-lan.net:8083

Anyone has an idea?