I hope someone can help me. I am transitioning to developing with Erlang/Yaws after serveral years of PHP.

I'm having trouble setting up an app mod service I created a yaws.conf file 

<server localhost>
        port = 8000
        listen =
        docroot = /home/zach/InCharecter/
        appmods = <book, book>

and put the book.erl (which I jsut took from the example)

box(Str) ->
out(A) ->
       box(io_lib:format("A#arg.appmoddata = ~p~n"
                         "A#arg.appmod_prepath = ~p~n"
                         "A#arg.querydata = ~p~n", 

And all it seems to do is give is an internal error. (The book.erl and book.beam files are in the doc root)