to your yaws command line above. But if it's not a command pipeline,
then those options won't allow your command to run in the background
properly due to stopping for input, in which case try

-erlarg -noinput

I guess it really depends on the reception mechanism for the security tickets.

Thanks a lot Steve, this fixed it!

I don't yet fully understand the security tickets as they are part of the security system used by my new internet host.  In short, you have to wrap long running programs with the command k5start which will take care of renewing and forwarding the security tickets.  Something along the lines of:

k5start -qtU -f KEYTAB -b -- yaws -i --conf YAWSCONF -erlarg -noshell

Notice that yaws can not be in deamon mode or else it will detach from k5start and the tickets won't be able to be renewed.  At least that was a problem for another user (with apache detaching).