I'm trying to write a fairly simple AJAX multiplayer game in Yaws.  I spawn a seperate process to handle the server state across all clients.  There are two .yaws files, both called from JavaScript by xml http request objects via GET.

submit.yaws - query string holds a an action performed by the player (affects state server, client ignores any response).
request.yaws - subscribes to state server modification notifications, then wais for a message from the state server with the new state.

The problem is that once submit.yaws is accessed a process dies (different pid from processes handling submit.yaws or request.yaws). After this, the request.yaws seems to hang and no new updates come in. The process that dies shows up with the following message:

=ERROR REPORT==== 21-Dec-2010::12:03:56 ===
Yaws process died: {function_clause,[{yaws_server,binary_size,[0,<0.71.0>]},

Any hints on what's going on?

Please contact me if something is not clear.