Same with OpenBSD, BTW. Built cleanly (no hipe, i _think_ with threads) for the past 3 revisions using gmake.

On 9/11/06, ke han <> wrote:
thanks Claes,
that did the trick..sometimes I forget that we live in a gnu-gnu-gnu
world (the gnu-niverse ?)   ;-)  and that FreeBSD only partially
lives there.
ke han

On Sep 11, 2006, at 5:17 PM, Claes Wikström wrote:

> ke han wrote:
>> I usually use ports to install yaws but need the latest CVS this
>> time  so am doing ./configure, make, make install...which works
>> fine on OS  X and Linux.
>> Unfortunately, make fails on freeBSD 6.1...I must be missing some
>> make dependancy or using the wrong version of make but I don't
>> know  what it could be.
>> Here's the output, any clues?
> Hmm, maybe I have some 'gmake'-isms in the Makefile.
> Try gmake.
> /klacke

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