I have just started looking into this problem myself.
From a chat with a friend Java expert (yes, Erlang fans are allowed to keep some of those around :) ), it would seem that Java Application Server clusters commonly replicate session IDs and objects between them. So Yariv's suggestion would probably be the closest method. Using a RAM-only mnesia table would be fastest, I guess.

On 7/17/06, Torbjorn Tornkvist <tobbe@tornkvist.org> wrote:

If you connect the info: which IP address your interface had
where the client first entered your system, to your cookie,
then check it and do a HTTP redirect if necessary, etc...

Cheers, Tobbe

Roberto Saccon wrote:
> I didin't found any info in the yaws docu about running multiples yaws
>  behind a loadbalancer in a server farm.
> For mnesia I think nothing special needs to be done at yaws, just
> creating the tables as replicated is enough,  but please correct me if
> that is wrong.
> But what about the yaws HTPP session, which are kept in an ETS tables
> ? Can / or should that data be replicated among cluster-nodes ? If
> yes, how ? If no, then probably a loadbalancer with sticky sessions
> such as http://haproxy.1wt.eu/  (injecting info about the selected
> cluster node into the HTTP header should be used. Or does anybody have
> a better suggestion ?
> regards

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