2010/3/2 Michal Zajda <zajdamichal@gmail.com>
heh, this is it. I had it in my yaws.conf (partial_post_size=65536), thats way I could not observe the bug.

2010/3/2 Claes Wikström <klacke@tail-f.com>
Daniel Fahlke wrote:

> And thank you for your time

I actually got pretty worried here, there is a config

      partial_post_size = Integer
              When  a  yaws  file  receives  large  POSTs,  the amount of data
              received in each chunk is determined by the this parameter.  The
              deafult value is 10240.

I found two errors in the yaws code,

The man page is wrong, there is an additional value, which erronously
was the default value - namely nolimit

So I've just changed the default value and corrected the man page. Your
remedy here is to explicitly set the partial_post_size to e.g 10240 in
your yaws.conf file and you'll be all set.

Thanks for reporting



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Hi, its me again =D

i got an error message if I start Yaws with this additional config

"Yaws: bad conf: Unexpected tokens "partial_post_size" at line 73 terminating"

thats the line:

"partial_post_size = 10240"