Maybe not..
I recall that I had to do some fixes for the yapp handler (Yaws APPlications) when vdirs were introduced. These changes are still in place, although not using the yaws_vdirs module directly. Since yapps still seem to work I guess yaws_server is still handling the {"vdir",..} tuple.
Snippet from arg_rewrite in yapp.erl which rewrites the docroot:
            VDir = {"vdir", DocMount ++ " " ++ Docroot},

            AddOpaque = [ VDir | YOpaque],
            %% Add Yapp appmods, Yaws uses process dictionary.
            SC = get(sc),
            AppMods = SC#sconf.appmods,
            Opaque = SC#sconf.opaque,
            SC2 = SC#sconf{docroot=Docroot, appmods = AppMods ++ YappMods,
                           opaque = AddOpaque ++ Opaque},
            put(sc, SC2),


2009/12/21 Claes Wikstrom <>
wde wrote:
> no problem, but I conclude that I am the only one to use virtual directories :+)

I guess you conclude rightly ...


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