On Mon, Mar 1, 2010 at 6:09 AM, fruity <fruity@freaknet.org> wrote:
Hello to all,

Sorry me for I have sinned. I've used the latest yaws in production
environment and...

When you say "latest yaws" do you mean the latest released version, or the latest version of the sources from github?
anytime anyone open my django powered website for the first time they see:

CGI failure: {send_to_application_server_failed,timeout}

then if the page is refreshed it works. For me that means that everytime
somebody come to the website the first time they get prompted with this

Unfortunately it looks like the code has a bug where it uses "send_to_application_server_failed" to describe errors from both sending and receiving, which means we can't completely nail down the cause here, but note that I recently changed the send timeout from 1 second to 10 seconds in the github repo. If you're using the released version, perhaps you're still using the 1 second timeout.

What's really needed here is a configurable timeout, of course.
I will rollback to apache for now and keep yaws only on my testing stations.

I'm sure we can get it working for you if you'd like.