On Wed, Jan 6, 2010 at 8:19 AM, Hank Knight <hknight555@gmail.com> wrote:
I just tried to install Yaws on a CentOS server.

It won't start.  How can I find where it is looking for the config file?

The conf file is here:

You can say

yaws -i --conf /etc/yaws/yaws.conf

to make it use that one. To see the one it wants to use, run yaws -i and then type


at the erl shell prompt. Yaws wants to append "/yaws/yaws.conf" to the etcdir pathname returned from this command to find the yaws.conf file. If you're runnng as root, it checks only that path, but if you're running as a non-root user it looks for a yaws.conf in your home directory, then in the current working directory, and then in the etcdir.