Hello list members :)

I've found that if in the websocket callback module init function, if the process sends itself a message, it crashes. I need this because in the init function I want to register to a messages queue for the user. Subscribing is OK but the process could be sent messages immediately, thus resulting
in a crash. Thank you for any help to any workaround on this.

It seems that the yaws_websockets gen_server tries to handle this info whereas it has no state. Of course this makes no sense because the callback module sends itself a message in the init function, which is called by the yaws_websocket init function, which defines the state. So logically when handle_info/handle_callback_info is called, the state is defined. 

Sadly I don't know yaws and websockets enough to correct this myself.

I provide code to reproduce the error in my original post on Github.

Thank you

- lud