On 03/27/2013 03:54 AM, Steve Vinoski wrote:

On Wed, Mar 27, 2013 at 7:14 AM, Chris Hall <bitmonki@gmail.com> wrote:

Over 10 years ago, I ran ejabberd and fooled with erlang a bit, but now I am getting serious about it for a project I want to do -- Freedom Box.

Anyway, while my servers run Debian Squeeze, my laptop has Ubuntu Precise, and after installing Yaws, yaws-chat, yaws-mail, yaws-wiki and yapps, I decided to try them out.

We'll need to look more closely at your config and other details, but a short answer for now is that while yaws itself gets a good deal of development, maintenance, and enhancement attention (as you can see from the git commit log (https://github.com/klacke/yaws/commits/master)), the applications you're trying to use, to be quite honest, just don't get a lot of attention. But given they're part of the code base, they deserve more care, so let's use your

As a long-time developer I can *completely* understand that. :)

attempt to run these apps as a chance to try to make them more stable. I'll try to duplicate your issues, and once we get there, fixing them where needed shouldn't be too hard.


Yay! Happy to do what I can.  Thanks!