I dispatch to my own module and then do all sort of custom dispatching from there. I would say the Yaws core should stay from adding a complicated routing module. Rails/Merb routers are examples. They seem super fancy - the implementation is quite involved and yet 90% of the people use it only for simple routing, bypassing all the power and complexity.

2009/8/3 Claes Wikström <klacke@tail-f.com>
Garrett Smith wrote:
> If appmods supported regexes, for example, I'm talking about this:
>  appmod = <"^/$", root_page_handler>
> Is there a way to handle this without writing a custom rewrite mod?

No, there is not - we've been talking some time now
about extending the appmod selection algorithm. It's a
bit to naive now. I guess regexs would work fine as well
although it'll be slow.