Thanks, you were right.  I was in yaws.conf, and I didn't notice that I had webdav turned, as I was using the commented out example in yaws.conf.  I noticed that localhost virtual host configs actually go into another file.  It works now, thanks.


On Jan 14, 2008 2:50 AM, Claes Wikström <> wrote:
Wilhelm Chung wrote:
> Hi all,
> I just started playing with yaws, and I wasn't able to get the dynamic
> html generation to work.  I was hoping that someone here would be able
> to point me in the right direction to fix it.
> I'm running Ubuntu (gutsy), and installed yaws through apt-get.  By
> default, yaws is running as a daemon.  I stopped it so I could run yaws
> interactive.  Running yaws interactive, I used port 8081 for localhost
> for development, pointing the yaws docroot to a directory in my
> home directory.  I have a file in that yaws docroot directory named
> simple_ex1.yaws (just like the example on yaws homepage).
> <html>
> <h2>Hello world</h2>
> <erl>
>   out(Arg) -> {html, "<h3>Funky Stuff</h3>"}.
> </erl>
> </html>

What's your yaws.conf ?
One common error is to use DAV. When DAV is turned on for
a server, .yaws processing is turned off.


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