Thanks Oleg, somehow it slipped my mind to check for such a beast on RubyForge. I knew about Powerset but did not know there was an open source version of their clustering system, which is good to hear.

Just out of curiosity what in particular don't you like about Rails? Personally I find some of its conventions, required for everything to work just peachy, are objectionable, but it's great for going from zero to prototype and incorporating Ajax in the demo with little or no manual effort.

I like Erlyweb except for its attempt to too-closely imitate Rails. It feels rather un-Erlang and also-ran to me in this respect. Some of the code gen stuff it does is quite spiffy though and helped me to appreciate dynamic programming in Erlang more.

V lubom sluchi, spasibo za informatsiu. :)


On Fri 1/08/08 6:08 AM , "Oleg Avdeev" sent:

I'm no rails fan myself, but check out this ->, it is a yaws-based frontend for rails, a
opensource fork of the clustering system used at Powerset (y'know, a
search engine recently bought by microsoft for $100M).


On 8/1/08, <> wrote:
> Has anyone gotten Ruby on Rails working under Yaws? I consider PHP CGI
> support in Yaws most excellent, and a major reason I use Yaws over other web
> server alternatives for general web server development. Good support for
> Rails would be another big feather in Yaws' cap.
> (Yes, I know about Erlyweb and like to use it as well but I use my dev
> server to build apps that get deployed to remote locations that do not use
> Yaws or Erlang. I simply want to be able to support Rails in Yaws so I don't
> have to mix my dev server architecture between Yaws and Mongrel, for
> example.)
> /Bob
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