Regarding the attachments:
Erlsom itself is an XML parser, it doesn't have any special support for attachements, since they are not directly related to XML parsing.
The code that combines erlsom and yaws into a SOAP client and server currently doesn't have any support for attachements either. Are you referring to I just had a quick look at it. It uses MIME. If an Erlang library for MIME is available (I guess that is probably the case), then extending the YAWS soap server to deal with attachements should not be too difficult, I think.

On 3/18/08, Torbjorn Tornkvist <> wrote:
Anders Nygren wrote:
> Hi
> I am looking at a project where I need to use SOAP over SSL.
> I have not seen anything about that it is NOT supported by YAWS and
> erlsom, but on the other hand I have not seen anything that say that
> it is supported. I need to run both as client and server.
> Can anyone give an firm answer if it is supported or not.

It should be supported since the URL in the address element of the
WSDL is passed on to either ibrowse or inets-http.

> Also does yaws and erlsom support attchements? Again both as
> client and server.

Hm...I'll save that question for erlsom's creator, Willhem de Jong.


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