Hello Richard,
I have never looked at soap encoding in detail. My impression is that it will probably be possible to use erlsom, but it won't be very convenient.

On 9/21/07, Mikael Karlsson <mikael.karlsson@creado.com> wrote:
Thanks Willem,
downloading the xsd and importing with the schemaLocation did the trick
(could not use http://... in schemaLocation though):

  <import namespace="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/encoding/"
       schemaLocation="/home/mikael/tmp/encoding.xsd" />

As you pointed out the service uses soap encoding, and I did not read
the yaws_soap_lib manual properly before starting...not the first time...

As this service is an external one, the wsdl is not generated by me. I
guess I will have to revert to some other solution like Java and Axis, or
is there any workaround if I was to use erlsom directly?

Best regards

On Friday 21 September 2007 18:22:49 Willem de Jong wrote:
> Hi Mikael,
> I don't think it is really possible at the moment. Erlsom has some options
> to tell it where to look for imports, but they are not taken into account
> by the code in yaws_soap_lib.
> I am planning a new release for this code, and I will try to solve it with
> that release.
> In the mean time, the easiest solution/work around is to include a
> 'schemaLocation' attribute in the import statement:
>  <import namespace=*"*http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/encoding/"
>              schemaLocation=*"* http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/encoding/"/>
> However, this import seems to imply that your service is using soap
> encoding. This is not supported by yaws soap, only 'document-literal' is
> supported.
> If you generated the WSDL using a tool like Axis java2wsdl, you can try to
> change the settings in such a way that it generates document literal type
> of services.
> Good luck,
> Willem