Hey Steve,

Since you were able to find the problem and resolve it, can you give us any idea if your site is running any faster under R12B-1? If so, any measurements?



On Mon, Feb 25, 2008 at 9:05 PM, Steve Vinoski <vinoski@ieee.org> wrote:
On 2/23/08, Steve Vinoski <vinoski@ieee.org> wrote:
> Has anyone else seen a slowdown with Yaws running under R12B-1? I
>  installed R12B-1 tonight and ran my Yaws site with it, and the site is
>  noticeably slower. I can not only see the slowdown visually in my
>  browser, but ab (ApacheBench) confirms it.
>  I haven't yet started investigating why, but I was just wondering if
>  this is a known issue. I'm running Yaws svn rev 1220, and I've tried
>  v1.75 with the same results.

Responding to my own message, I've dug into this and found the issue
was due mostly to a non-Erlang portion of my system, but also due to
operator error on my part, also unrelated to Erlang and Yaws. All is
well, and my apologies for the noise.


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